Mexican Shame… I think NOT!

(October 30, 2023) – Reading the title of this piece, you’re probably saying, “What the heck!” Allow me to lead you into what prompted me to write this piece.

When Hispanic Heritage Month began [September 25 – October 15], we found many celebrations and significant media sending positive vibes and complementary stories of Hispanic history and nature. One morning, as I was having my coffee and chocolate, watching the news, I heard “Latino Hispanic Shame” on the television. Needless to say, I directed my attention to the newscast. The segment was about how Hispanics are shamed because they do not speak Spanish.

Shamed? Not so. My family, kids, and grandkids speak very little Spanish. I have hundreds of extended families (Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins), not to mention hundreds of Mexican [Chicano] friends who feel zero shame they don’t speak fluent Spanish.

I personally felt insulted Denver’s 9 News would run such a segment, especially during the month of Hispanic celebration. A slap in the face to Mexican Americans. Everyone knows it only takes one intoxicated person to ruin a celebration. Well, 9News, you were the intoxicated person during Hispanic Heritage Month!

Let me say this to all the Mexican-American people: There is no SHAME in being a Mexican-American who does not speak Spanish, and this segment by 9News was directed toward the Mexican people.

As of 2020, Colorado has a Latino population of more than 1.2 million — 903,912 Mexican, 63,834 Central Americans, 46,735 South Americans, and 223,743 made up the remaining. No matter what the situation may be, Mexican people are always degraded and treated subpar, and many times, it is done while smiling and a pat on the back, as is the case with 9News.

The only shame is that 9News aired this segment and threw shade on Mexican Americans during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Mexican American people, stand tall, be proud, shine, and prosper!

-Aurelio Martinez

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